April 20, 2014 | Jumada al-Thani 20, 1435

ADAMS New Muslim Support Group

Co-Chairs Sr. Misbah Javaid and Sr. Farhanahz Ellis

This is a welcoming group for new muslims. Our goal is to help new muslims learn the basics of the Faith and find support and friends in the Faith. We are a family friendly group and kids are welcome!!

Islam 101 - Every Thursday

Islam 101
Category: Organizational Events
Contact: learn_islam@adamscenter.us
Location: Youth Room at the Third Level
Every Thursday, at 7:00 PM
Announcing: Islam 101
Thursdays (Starting MAY 10th) - 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM - ADAMS Center

This class will introduce, discuss, and answer questions on a wide range of topics related to the beliefs and practices of Islam. Topics will include: Articles of faith, Pillars of Islam, Quran, Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Sunnah and ahadith, Relationship with other religions, Family/social life, Culture and Islam, etc. This course is appropriate for new Muslims, Muslims who wish to expand their existing knowledge, and non-Muslims interested in learning more about Islam. All are welcome.

Salat Class

Prayer Class
Contact: learn_islam@adamscenter.us
Location: Prayer Room
Date/Time: By request
Announcing: Salat Class
This class is provided to anyone who would like to learn how to pray. It will be held on an as needed basis. To request a session, email learn_islam@adamscenter.us.

Quran Class

Basic Quran
Contact: learn_islam@adamscenter.us
Every Wednesday, at 7:00 PM
Announcing: Quran Class for Beginners

A 'Basics of Reading Quran' class will be every Wednesday at 7pm. This class will teach Arabic letters, formation of words, and initial verses of the Quran in Arabic. Tutors are also available if you miss a class.