April 20, 2014 | Jumada al-Thani 20, 1435

Health Education and Programs Committee

Mission Statement:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Our bodies do not belong to us, but rather they are on loan to us from our Creator, the Almighty, the All Knowing, Allah subhana wa ta aala. This amana (trust) is something we as Muslims, indeed we as human beings, will be held accountable for on the Day of Judgement. It is imperative that as Muslims we take care of our bodies not just for the physical benefit, but for our spiritual benefit as well. It is my sincere hope that the health programs outlined here will contribute to the health of the ADAMS community.

Health Programs Under Development:

Medical Seminars -

Medical/health seminars are held quarterly at the ADAMS Center. Each quarterly series is assigned a general topic which is covered in four sessions. Each session is approximately 2 hours long including a question and answer period. Each session focuses on a specific aspect of the general topic. Each session is taught by a specialized health professional in the particular field of expertise. Admission to the seminars is free.

What is Therapy? Realities and Misconceptions

March 8th
Q & A with qualified Muslim Mental Health Professionals
Discuss the role of therapists vs. the role of imams in counseling
Learn about different types of counseling and psychotherapy

An interactive discussion with Navid Rashid M.D. and Salma Abugideiri, L.P.C.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

April 5th
Q & A with qualified Muslim Dentist
Raffle prizes, including teeth whitening
Free Oral screenings for attendees
Fun for the whole family

An interactive presentation with Anwar Ahmad, DMD

Heart Health

May 3rd
50% of people who have had heart attacks had normal cholesterol
An interactive presentation with Mahsin Habib, M.D.
1-3 month
1-6 month
10-1 month

Nutrition - Healthy eating made fun

June 7th
The Importance of good nutrition
Join us in our kitchen as we get tips from a qualified Health Professional
Come cook with Mahsin Habib, M.D.
2-1 week of Ideal Protein

Health Information -

ADAMS provides health information in the form of pamphlets and booklets made for distribution. These materials inform and educate the community on a myriad of health and medical topics. Please check with the main office for the latest available materials.

Blood Drive -

ADAMS works in close conjuction with INOVA blood donor services to hold quarterly blood drives at the ADAMS Center. Rooms are set up on the lower level to accomodate blood donation. One room is reserved for men and another room is reserved for women. Male staff will be on hand to assist the brothers and female staff will be on hand to assist the sisters. Currently there is a blood shortage in the local area and nationwide. To learn more about what you can do to donate blood or to volunteer please contact the health director.


Free Blood Pressure and Glucose Check-ups -

Hypertention (high blood pressure) and diabetes (high blood glucose) are two very prevalent diseases worldwide. Patients with these conditions can be treated through medication and lifestyle modification. However screening tests are essential in diagnosis and even prevention of hypertension and diabetes. ADAMS will provide free blood pressure and blood glucose check-ups at the ADAMS Center once a month on Fridays. A physician will be on hand to oversee this program. If you would like to volunteer toward this effort please contact the health director.

Health Fair -

ADAMS will host an annual health fair. Seminars and lectures will be held in the lower level classrooms. These seminars will cover a variety of health and medical topics including mental health issues. In addition to the seminars there will also be rooms available for blood donation and bone marrow donation. There will also be a health bazaar in the main hall. In the bazaar, vendors will sell health related products and will also include local Muslim physicians advertising their services. Admission is free and open to the public. The next health fair is scheduled for fall 2008.

Partnership With The Fairfax County Health Department -

ADAMS works closely with the Fairfax County Health Department. This partnership provides the community better access to Fairfax County Health Services. The ADAMS director of health education and programs is a sitting member of the Fairfax County Multicultural Health Care Advisory Council.

Free Clinic -

ADAMS is currently working on the development of a free clinic in the Sterling, VA area. If you are a local physician interested in being part of this effort please contact the health director.

ADAMS Health Insurance Plan -

ADAMS is currently working on a plan to provide health insurance at a discounted premium for official ADAMS members. If you would like to become an ADAMS member please contact the main office.

Muslim Physician Directory -

This directory consists of Muslim physicians and other health professionals who practice in the local ADAMS area. Included in this directory is a subset of those physicians who are willing to see patients without health insurance. There are Muslim physicians of every medical specialty in the directory. If you are looking for a Muslim physician or you happen to be a Muslim physician and want to be included in the directory please contact the health director. This is a free service.