April 23, 2014 | Jumada al-Thani 23, 1435

Procedures for Getting Married at ADAMS

Alhamdulillah, you have found your partner in life and you both feel ready to celebrate your commitment in front of Allah (SWT) and the community.  It is a very exciting moment, and it can be quite stressful too.  At ADAMS, we want to help you make it as easy as possible.  So here are the procedures and information necessary for you to successfully navigate through the whole process.

Office Hours for the Wedding Administrator:

Monday-Tuesday 3:30-5pm
Wednesday by appointment only
Thursday 6pm-8:30
Friday-Saturday 3pm-8:30
Sunday by appointment only

Some useful documents:

As of October 1st, 2013 ADAMS Center has placed an administrative fee for all weddings.
  • $100, Fee for PAID members of ADAMS Center
  • $150, Fee for non-paying members of ADAMS Center community
*Please note that this is only an administrative fee and cannot guarantee the marriage celebrant of your choice.

1. Fill Out Nikkah Service Request Form

Share the good news with us! In order to ensure that ADAMS can have a celebrant available for your ceremony we need to know that you will be having one. ADAMS requests that you complete the Nikkah Service Request form, in the Matrimonial section of the ADAMS website:


at least 2-3 weeks prior to the ceremony. Once your information is received the Office of the Imam will work on securing a celebrant while the Bride and Groom complete the steps below

2. Obtain a Marriage License from your Local County Courthouse 

Our celebrants are certified by the State of Virginia, so when one of them performs your Nikaah, they are authorized to sign off on the civil/legal marriage. See provided list of local courthouses.

3. Schedule a Premarital Counseling Session

As important and successful as you both want your marriage to be, you need to schedule premarital counseling sessions. Please be aware that ONE SESSION OF PREMARITAL COUNSELING IS MANDATORY.  ADAMS will not proceed with your Nikaah until the counseling is done.  (If you have completed step one this is already in process!) If, for any reason, ADAMS is unable to conduct the counseling we will do our best to provide you with all the appropriate information you need to fulfill all the requirements. To schedule an appointment for pre-marital counseling please email: weddings@adamscenter.us .

4. Submit Marriage Documentation and Administrative fee to ADAMS Center Main Office

Bring all of the following four completed documents:

  • Marriage License
  • Marriage Application
  • Marital Contract (only if you choice to make any amendments to the provided contract)
  • Premarital Counseling Completion Form
*Please make all checks payable to the Adams Center and submit all of the documents listed above.

     This should be done at least seven days before the date of the marriage.

*If for any reason the administrative fee is burdensome, please contact the Wedding Administrator, weddings@adamscenter.us

5. Provide Two Witnesses for Nikaah Ceremony

Bride and Groom must provide at least two witnesses for their Nikaah ceremony.   No ceremony can be conducted without them. Witnesses will be asked to sign the following three forms:
  • Marital Contract
  • ADAMS Marriage Application Form
  • Islamic Wedding Certificate.
Signatures of the same two witnesses should be consistent on all paperwork.

In order to ensure the validity and appropriateness of every ceremony we perform, these are the procedures to follow. Please, remember our Nikkahs are also legal marriages; therefore we must enforce these procedures.

Please understand that, as autonomous bodies, every County is free to make changes to these requirements at any time. ADAMS is not responsible for any modification a County or Counties make to this information, or for any way or means the County or Counties choose to make these changes public.

Local Courthouses