Big 3 - Bigger Ramadan!

Support the ADAMS Big 3 and Build Your House in Jannah

Make this your biggest Ramadan yet, and give Sadaqah Jariyah that will continue to reward you in this life and the next!




South Riding

Communities with Dreams

The ADAMS Big 3 project is more than just a campaign to build a masjid, it’s a chance to realize the dreams of a community.

Donate to ADAMS Big 3 project and cement your legacy in this life and the next. Every donation you make will help us bring three new masjids to the DC area, in Gainesville, Leesburg and South Riding. 

This Ramadan, we’re aiming to make those dreams a reality, and so can you!

Donate to Support ADAMS Big 3

$2,500 Per Tile

Donate a tile towards the constuction of the mosque


$210 Per Month

Donate $210 every month for 12 months


Custom Amount

General donation towards the construction of the mosques (No tile included)


Unify the Ummah

The communities of South Riding, Leesburg and Gainesville are seeking to find a home for their congregation. A place where people can gather to pray, a home in the house of Allah (swt), a masjid. 

These masjids will provide a sense of unity, harbor a growing sense of togetherness, and your sacrifice will benefit those who need support, and isn’t that what Ramadan is all about?

Make an impact that will echo beyond this Ramadan, and last for generations!