The Blessed Nights are Upon Us

Give to ADAMS in the Last 10 Nights.

Support ADAMS Center and provide support to our community that will last for generations.

Community Spirit

“Oh, you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may learn piety and righteousness” (2:183)

Ramadan is a special time for all of us, and at ADAMS we love the community spirit that grows throughout the month. Fasting in remembrance of Allah (swt), gathering with our brothers and sisters for our community Iftar, congregating for taraweeh prayers. Then finally culminating in an Eid celebration!

This Ramadan, we’re aiming to do more for our community than ever and that starts with your support! By donating to ADAMS you can do so much during this blessed month and make it a Ramadan to remember.

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Further the Community

Community forms the heart of everything we do at ADAMS and Ramadan is the time of the year when we can provide a platform for success all year round.

Your Zakat and Sadaqah can provide vital support for members of our community who are in need. Sponsor an Iftar and earn rewards for providing a meal for others to break their fast with. Support our Big 3 project, and help us build masjids that will benefit generations to come. You can also Fund ADAMS and help with the upkeep of our center, from cleaning costs to keeping the lights on.

How will you support the ADAMS community this Ramadan?