Arabic For Adults Program

Program Overview

The ADAMS Center Arabic for Adults Program has been designed to give adult students “18 years and up” a 4-level Arabic course to help them fully understand their Islamic religion after they master the advanced level of Arabic language.

Graduates of the Arabic for Adults Program after 4 quarters will:

  • Be able to read the Quran with correct articulation of the letters. 
  • Speak and write about oneself and about his/her daily routines as a Muslim. 
  • Learn about the following topics in Arabic: Prophet’s migration,  Wudu, prayer, paying zakat, Fasting Ramadan, Performing Umrah and Hajj, and Islamic Etiquettes of eating food. 
  • Say and understand various Islamic Du’as “supplications”.
  • Learn the words and meanings of Adhan, Iqama, and what needs to be recited (as a minimum) during the daily prayers.
  • Understand the meaning of the words and verses of a major portion of the Qur’an.
  • Learn the meaning of some famous Ahadith.

Age Group:

This program is geared towards adult learners age 18 and above

Level 1: Introductory
Level 2: Beginners
Level 3: Intermediate
Level 4: Advanced

Schedule and timing:
Classes will be held according the schedule below.

Fees are discounted 50% (to $150 per level)
$150 per level or $600 for all 4 levels

Financial Aid is available. Please contact us via email.


"Humanity is in dire need of a confirmed guidance from their creator. Since such guidance exists in Islam, the pursuit of Islamic knowledge is the best path of serving the humanity."

Schedule and timing:





Mon: 7-9pm  

Tue: 7-9pm  

Wed: 7-9pm  

Thu: 7-9pm 

Sat: 10am-12pm  

Sat: 12-2pm

Sun: 10am-12pm

Sun: 12-2pm