What We Offer

Over the past four decades, the ADAMS Center has grown into one of the largest Muslim communities in the Washington, D.C. area. Today, we serve the areas of Sterling, Ashburn, Centerville, Chantilly, Gainesville, Great Falls, Herndon, Leesburg, McLean, and Reston, in northern Virginia. Our community continues to grow each year as more families join us.


The Youth Education Program (YEP) at ADAMS provides an outlet for the social and spiritual needs of youth through studying Qur'an, engaging in Islamic Studies, participating in structured physical activities, and developing youth-driven projects.

ADAMS Center Events, Programs & Services

ADAMS Social Services Department’s mission is to provide for its members and community; therapy programs, support groups, an outlet for every need in regard to financial assistance and spiritual wellbeing and mental and physical health programs in an atmosphere of compassion. Our vision is to have a compassionate and well-educated community living in dignity and self-sufficiency.

Health Care Seminars

ADAMS Center provides practical health care seminars to the community in order to provide knowledge on a wide range of health and wellness subjects. These are free and educational seminars held all year by outstanding physicians.

Citizenship Exam PREP Classes

Twice a year ADAMS Social Services conducts an 8 week course, prepping the students for the Citizenship test.

900+ Counselling Services

We have various counseling offered for mental health, family, marriage, religious guidance, and life coaching. ADAMS Center has a qualified team of mental health experts who evaluate and provide the necessary help needed for in-house or external counseling sessions.

Udhiya Meat Distribution

In partnership with ADAMS Community Services and another non-profit organization, ADAMS Social Services distributes Udhiya Meat to Zakat clients

Taraweeh Prayers

The ADAMS Center conducts Taraweeh prayers in the month of Ramadan with about 5000+ people in 9 different locations. It is a sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), which means that it was his practice to perform Tarawih and Muslims are encouraged to do likewise.

Food Pantry

The ADAMS Food Pantry serves our local community and ADAMS Zakat Client. We serve 5-10 families a week and it will not be possible without your generous donations. You can drop non-perishable items throughout the year or donate to Social Services so we can purchase them on your behalf.

Donation Service

"My mercy encompasses all things, but I will specify it for the righteous who give Zakah." - Quran 7:156


The ADAMS center provides a collection of vocal music and SpokenWords with some instruments, that praise and focus on Allah, faith and worship through dhikr, or celebrating the Prophets and Messengers of Allah.

Family Fun Night

ADAMS Center organizes family fun night for families in our community to help build better parent-child relationships. Better emotional well-being and life satisfaction.