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Upcoming Events & Classes

Stay up-to-date on our upcoming events, classes, and live streams.

Our Services

ADAMS Social Services Department’s mission is to provide for its members and community; therapy programs, support groups, an outlet for every need in regard to financial assistance and spiritual well-being, and mental and physical health programs in an atmosphere of compassion. Our vision is to have a compassionate and well-educated community living in dignity and self-sufficiency.

Social Services

We have various counseling offered for mental health, family, marriage, religious guidance, funeral support, and life coaching

Zakat Services

Pay your Zakat through ADAMS. “My mercy encompasses all things, but I will specify it for the righteous who give Zakat.” – Quran 7:156

Education Services

Our educational services cover programs for children, youth, young adults, adults, and new Muslims.


Through our ACHN Health Clinic – we ensure every uninsured, low-income individual has access to primary care and preventative services.

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Education Programs
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About ADAMS Center

Over the past four decades, the ADAMS Center has grown into one of the largest Muslim communities in the Washington, D.C. area. Today, we serve the areas of Sterling..

5 Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars (Arkān al-Islām) are the core beliefs and practices of Islam which all muslims must adhere to are:



Every Muslim is supposed to believe that there is only one God and His messenger was Prophet Muhammad.



It is the ritual of praying to Allah five times a day facing Makkah. A Muslim must perform the ritual after dark, noon, sunset, mid-afternoon and at dawn.



Sawm or fasting helps Muslims to develop a sense of self-discipline and allows them to identify with the poor and the needy.



This is an obligatory giving of alms, to the less fortunate in your community of believers.



It is a pilgrimage to Makkah and is the fifth pillar of Islam. It strips away all that relates to societal standards, wealth, and pride.

Fundraising Campaigns

You can help make a difference in the society by giving alms to the ADAMS campaigns.


Pay your sadaqah with ADAMS Center

Support our food pantry, mental health services and more