ADAMS Office of the Imams

Our Vision

To cultivate and guide ADAMS to fulfill its vision to be a model American Muslim community with which Allah (God) is pleased.

Our Mission

The ADAMS Office of the Imams (AOI) is responsible for providing Islamic guidance and spiritual leadership for all community facing programs and services provided to the ADAMS community. The AOI is also responsible for issuing Islamic rulings and guidance for its internal operational affairs, community affairs, and outreach activities.


Fatwa and Islamic Law Support

Counseling and Mentorship

New to Islam Support

Pastoral Care

Marriage Support

Speaker Requests

Interfaith & Outreach

Ritual Services

General Q&A

Qurtuba Islamic Education

Our Imams and Teachers

Administrative Staff

Br. Mohamed Samantar

Weekly Schedules

Internal Requests (For Employees, ADAMS Departments or Branches)