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The Path to Sacred Knowledge

Certificate Program In Islamic Sciences

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Program Overview

The Path to Sacred Knowledge Certificate is an extensive program consisting of 15 carefully designed courses. This holistic program can be efficiently completed within a minimum of four quarters, while offering the flexibility to extend up to a maximum of three years. Explore all courses

Connect and Inspire

Strengthen your bond with Allah SWT, serve as exemplary Muslims and inspire others to embrace the spiritual journey.

Deepen Your Knowledge

Deepen your knowledge, uplift the community, and gain insights into how Islamic values enhance our lives.

Explore and Appreciate

Explore the richness of Islamic sciences, cultivate appreciation for the wisdom and beauty of our faith tradition.

Holistic Learning

Flourish in a holistic learning environment that empowers emerging leaders, scholars, and thinkers.

Structured Curriculum

15 courses that guide the students from foundations to advanced topics.

Foundational Islamic Knowledge

Theology, Qur’an, Seerah, Arabic, Hadith, Fiqh, more

Expert Instructors

Learn from distinguished scholars and educators

Convenient Schedule

Evening Courses, Monday through Thursday, 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Academic Excellence

Course requirements, Exams, Canvas LMS, professional classrooms, with a certificate awarded upon completion.

"Humanity is in dire need of authentic guidance from their creator. Since such guidance exists in Islam, the pursuit of Islamic knowledge is the best path of serving the humanity."
Discover the power of authentic Islamic knowledge with Qurtuba Institute’s “The Path to Sacred Knowledge.” The expertly crafted curriculum empowers you to apply timeless Islamic principles to modern life. Become a beacon of wisdom and an exemplary Muslim, a speaker, a teacher, and a leader, enriching yourself and the community.

Academic Calendar for 2024

First Quarter:
Second Quarter:
Third Quarter:
Fourth Quarter:

Jan 8 – Mar 11
April 15 – June 30
July 8 – Sept 22
Sept 30 – Dec 15

The Current Courses (April 15 - June 30)