Board of Trustees Election Results

2024 Election Results

Assalaamu alaykum Dear ADAMS Membership,

Alhamdulilah the Elections Committee has concluded the 2024 Board of Trustees election.

We would like to first congratulate the four Board members-elect:

  • Amir Sahib
  • Bilal Zaman
  • Saleem Arif
  • Wakar Khan

We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who ran. Your contributions to the institution and to the community are valued and we look forward to continuing our work with you inshaAllah.

May Allah accept our future efforts for His sake, keep our intentions pure, and for the benefit of the ummah. We look forward to onboarding to immediate effect and a smooth transition with the new Board of Trustees in the coming days.

You may view the full results below.


Total eligible voters: 2171

  • Required Quorum: 218
  • In Person Ballots: 16
  • e-Ballots: 632
  • Total Ballots:  648 (meets quorum requirement)

Results below (candidates in BOLD) have been elected.

  • Amir Sahib – 422
  • Bilal Zaman – 387
  • Hamid Aougab – 162
  • Mian Rauf – 248
  • Nasir Sayed – 288
  • Saleem Arif – 432
  • Wakar Khan – 441

Jazaakum Allahu khairan,
ADAMS Elections Committee
ADAMS Board of Trustees

Meet the Candidates

Amir Sahib

I began volunteering for ADAMS in August of 2021 when Muslim Community Center of Leesburg joined with ADAMS to become the Leesburg Branch. Prior to this I was an active volunteer and board member with MCCL since 2016. I am currently part of the Youth Committee, Qurtuba, Leesburg Branch Operations Committee, and the Office of the Imams as the khateeb coordinator. I have helped and organized many various events for the community in Leesburg as well as large scale events at Sterling.

Alhamdulillah I have been married for over fifteen years and have three children - two boys and a girl. I have been living in Leesburg since 2016. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and went to school at Stony Brook University. I am a software engineer by profession and I enjoy soccer.

Bilal Zaman

I've been part of the ADAMS Sterling community for about seven years. I was a Den leader for troop 1576 for three years while my youngest son was in Cub Scouts. More recently, over the past two years, I've been helping coordinate Ramadan activities across all branches of ADAMS. Alhumdulillah, I'm able to attend various services at the Sterling branch a few times a day.

I'm married with four kids, the oldest headed off to college this fall and the youngest headed off to pre-K. We moved here from Philadelphia in 2017 specifically to be part of the ADAMS community. My family has enjoyed many of the benefits ADAMS has to offer over the past seven years - it has been a place for us to meet new friends and a place that has allowed our children to develop strong Muslim identities. My wife Mariam is a teacher at Al-Fatih Academy. All of my children were students there as well and have transitioned to Dominion HS after 8th grade. I have been a member of masjid boards and committees for almost two decades, serving in a variety of roles including Vice President, Treasurer and Arbitration Committee member. I was also on the BOT for one of the few Islamic Schools in the Philadelphia suburbs. As I've been blessed to watch my own children grow into strong young Muslims in the ADAMS community, my passion has become Youth Engagement and Development. Professionally, I'm a Network Engineering Manager at Google. I have a BS in Comp Sci from Penn State, an MBA from Villanova University, and am currently pursuing a BS in Data Science at the University of Michigan.

Nasir Sayed

Since 2000, I have been a dedicated member of the ADAMS community, proudly holding a Lifetime membership since 2001. My contributions include volunteering in various capacities, such as participating in the first Ramadan volunteer team for the Gainesville Branch, advocating for its integration into ADAMS, and serving on the Gainesville Committee. At the Ashburn Branch, I managed the operations of the Ashburn Satellite Jumma for 7-8 years and served on its committee, while also volunteering for interfaith activities. At the Sterling Branch/HQ, I have been involved in the Election Committee, chaired it, and contributed to Ramadan kitchen operations, parking, security, and Eid preparations. Additionally, I chair Boy Scouts Troop 1576, guiding young members.

Originally from India, I am married with four children and hold an MBA in Technology Management and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Engineering. Professionally, I have held executive roles in transforming large enterprises and federal agencies by optimizing business and technology processes. If elected, I aim to help ADAMS become a self-sustaining organization, focusing on strategic and policy matters while ensuring efficient branch operations. I am committed to elevating ADAMS through strategic thinking and effective delivery, aspiring to establish it as a leading Islamic organization and educational institution. JazakAllah Khair for your consideration.

Mian Rauf

In the name of ALLAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Humbled to be nominated as a candidate for the post of “Trustee”. Currently, Mian Rauf is serving a 2-year term as the Treasurer / Trustee. He had served as the Treasurer of “Cub Scouts” and also served in the ADAMS’ Management “Financial and Accounting Modernization (FAM) Task Team” that was designed to revamp the ADAMS’ Accounting system and, design and implement the internal controls.

He is an accountant by profession. He did my bachelor’s in accounting and later qualified as a “Chartered Accountant” from Pakistan and a “Certified Public Accountant” in the US. He moved to Nova in 2002 with his wife and have two daughters and one son. His association with ADAMS started in 2004. First, my daughters became a part of girl scouts, where his wife served as a leader. May ALLAH SWT let the best candidate to win and serve the ADAMS’ community honorably, Ameen!

Saleem Arif

Saleem Arif has been part of the ADAMS Community since 2006 and is a Lifetime member. He has been helping ADAMS Scout units and served in multiple roles since 2010. Currently, he is an ADAMS Board member, and also a member of ADAMS Leesburg Branch Operation Committee. His focus is to engage all branches effectively as ADAMS has seen a growth of the community in the Dulles area and he always aspires to invest in the future for our youths.

Saleem Arif lived in Sterling for 15 years before moving to Leesburg in 2021. He and his wife have been raising four kids, and they take pride in volunteering for ADAMS as a family. Professionally, he has work responsibilities as a Senior Manager in a large Fintech company. He earned a degree in Computer Science before starting his career in 2000 and also completed an MBA in 2018.

Wakar Khan

Since 2009, I have been an active member of the ADAMS Community supporting initiatives such as the Youth Council, Youth Committee, ADAMS Young Adults, Strategic Planning Committee, Muslim Sports League, Qahwa/Youth Center Planning Team, and other related programs. My focus as a board member would be on 1) Strengthening our current youth and adult education programming 2) Improving our internal processes to deliver the best services to the community 3) Continuing to move our Masjid construction projects forward.

I was born into the ADAMS Community and now am fortunate to raise my family in this blessed community in Sterling, VA. Professionally, I work in the technology space as a Consultant/Program Manager. I hold a Bachelors in Management Information Systems from George Mason University and Masters in Organizational Development & Change from American University.

Hamid Aougab

My involvement with ADAMS started a little more than 10 years ago, and it has been a rewarding experience ever since. Most of my direct involvement has been in education, where I organized and delivered courses on Project Management for community members interested in improving their PM skills and for those aiming to advance their careers by taking and passing the PMP exam. I also mentored members, helping them navigate their professional growth. Additionally, I have been actively involved in various initiatives that interest ADAMS and the community, always participating by listening to the concerns of community members and providing support.

I have been actively involved with various community organizations in the greater Washington area, helping organize communities and coaching youth sports like soccer. Professionally, I am an IT consultant, Strategist, educator, coach and trainer specializing in Agile/Scrum, project/program management and systems engineering. I have been involved in Agile transformations for government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. I have expertise in Scrum, Agile, systems engineering, and IT and I managed many initiatives in the US, and internationally, enhancing operational strategies, promoting team building, collaboration, and effective stakeholder engagements.