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Imam Hicham Hall was born in Tangier, Morocco to a convert Scottish-American father and Moroccan mother, and grew up in the DMV. He has served at the Islamic Society of Western Maryland, MAS DC, PEARLS, and ADAMS as youth mentor, community halaqa leader, khateeb, and Imam for nearly 10 years.

Imam Hicham began his private studies with local students of knowledge and Imams. He attended Zaytuna College followed by traditional studies overseas. Hicham graduated from George Mason with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Islamic Thought. Seeking additional traditional knowledge, he spent more time overseas studying with his teachers and continues to do so remotely. He is currently concluding his MA in Islamic Studies at Bayan.

He is most passionate about helping develop a culturally relevant Islam and nurturing the hearts, not only the minds. His proclivity for the fields of Ihsan and Tazkiya is a result of his personal journey of turning inwardly and realizing that the religious and spiritual “battle” is won and lost at the level of the heart, as Allah says in Al-Shu’araa: “The day where neither your wealth nor children will be of benefit—[the only ones saved] will be those who come to Allah with pure hearts.” (26: 87-88)

يَوْمَ لَا يَنفَعُ مَالٌۭ وَلَا بَنُونَ

إِلَّا مَنْ أَتَى ٱللَّهَ بِقَلْبٍۢ سَلِيمٍۢ

Imam Hicham serves as the lead Imam at ADAMS Gainesville and heads the Da’wa & New Muslim department. He grew up playing football, wrestling, and loving the outdoors. He joined the Armed Services after high school and was honorably discharged as a Conscientious Objector. He spent several years supporting his family working as an ER Technician. He is married, has three children and lives on a homestead.

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