ADAMS Radiant Hearts Academy (RHA)

‘Rabbi Zidni Ilma’
O my Lord increase me in knowledge


The mission of ADAMS Radiant Hearts Academy is to open the hearts of children to the love for Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (SAAW). To instill in them the Islamic values of morality, compassion, service to humanity and to prepare them to become positive contributors to society as American Muslims.


ADAMS Radiant Hearts Academy strives to be a leading educational institution in the United States in academic standards, morals and spiritual teachings. We aspire to provide activities and experiences that enrich each child's social, cognitive, intellectual, emotional, physical and creative skills.

Educational Philosophy:

ADAMS Radiant Hearts Academy’s philosophy is to facilitate and nurture the development of children with the “whole child approach”. We believe that children learn and develop best when they are in a challenging, motivating, nurturing and safe environment. The teachers, the parents and the community are partners in the effort to raise children who can lead meaningful, happy and healthy lives. This partnership is an essential and a necessary aspect of giving children lifelong learning ambitions.

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