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Certificate Program

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Who will benefit from this program?

This program is open to all and tailored for the following groups:

General Public:

  • – Systematically learn Islam’s essentials
  • – Confidently answer common questions about Islam
  • – Engage in Da’wa, interfaith programs and civic activities

Activists, Speakers & Teachers:

  • – Deliver Friday Khutbahs and speak about Islam
  • – Teach in Islamic weekend schools
  • – Address media misconceptions
  • – Establish a foundation for Islamic activism, charity, or center work

Advanced Studies Students

  • – Pursue advanced Islamic studies
  • – Confidently answer nuanced questions about Islam
  • – Engage in scholarly research and discourse

Admission Requirements

To join this program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

– Submit a completed registration application
– Be at least 18 years old
– Possess college-level English proficiency in writing and comprehension
– Demonstrate commitment to regular course attendance, studying, and assignment completion


One-Time Registration Fee
A nominal fee of $50 is required upon registration to secure your enrollment.


Tuition Options

Individual Courses

Students can enroll in individual courses, allowing you the flexibility to pursue specific courses of interest.


Full Program

Enroll in the complete certificate program for a one-time fee, providing access to all courses for up to three years.

$2,250 $1,200

Financial Aid

We believe that financial constraints should not be a barrier to knowledge. Financial aid is available for those in need. Please inquire in advance to discuss arrangements and details by sending an email to

Auditing Courses

For those who wish to audit courses without seeking credit or certification, the standard tuition and registration fees still apply.


You may request a 75% refund within the first three weeks of enrollment, minus the $50 registration fee.