ADAMS Ilm Program

Islamic Sciences For High School Students

Program Overview

The ADAMS Center Ilm Program has been designed to give high school students a comprehensive education in the classical Islamic sciences in a holistic learning environment that promotes critical thinking, intellectual discourse, collaborative learning, and leadership skills.

ADAMS Ilm students will...

 – Be firmly grounded in their Islamic identity
 – Strive for personal and spiritual growth
 – Become functional Muslims.
– Seek to serve and lead their communities.


Start date:

September 19th 2023

IMPORTANT: Registration period is closed.

Age Group:
This program is geared towards students in grades 8-12.

Schedule and timing:
Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm, and workshops will be on selected Wednesdays, in addition to Volunteer opportunities during the weekend.



Seerah 1 and 2, Arabic 1,2,3 , Introduction to Aqidah, Introduction to Ulum al Quran, Introduction to Hadith, Virtues and Purification of Character, Islamic History,

In addition to these classes, students will also participate in a minimum of 4 interactive workshops per semester, where students have the opportunity to learn new skills, brainstorm creative solutions, and explore how to apply their Islamic learning in a real-world context that is relevant to their experience.


"Humanity is in dire need of a confirmed guidance from their creator. Since such guidance exists in Islam, the pursuit of Islamic knowledge is the best path of serving the humanity."